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31st January 2014

Same shit, different year.

Yeah, it’s 2014 now. A new year, another brick on the wall, another step towards the…Towards what? I really don’t have an efing clue. All I know is that the big time wheel has made another turn and I am still in the same place as I was the last year.

You can say we’re going steady, me and the place I’m in. if you want to be ironic that is, but I advise you not to try that because I’ll knock you the fuck up.

What I am talking about? I mean nothing new has happened to me in the year that has passed. Nothing interesting, life changing, or at least worth talking about.
Talking to you, my dear reader that is, where ever you may be.

So this year I decided to make things interesting, I will write in English just because my muscle wants to. So the post will be international. Not that that will change much, just that in this way I will extend my reach to all the people out there. Of course, in my horse, all the people that read and speak the queen’s’ beloved language.

First things first, I will translate some of my “greatest hits” and we’ll see from there were the tide takes us.

So let’s get it on!

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31st January 2014

Stupid people

Stupid people

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