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2nd February 2014

Sex on the first date?

This is a question that has always split the world in two sides: antique and modern, old and new, Old fashioned and unorthodox and even, I’m going on a limb here, women and men.

Men say yes to this, not all of them loudly, the women, in a vast majority say “hell no!”

Let me present the setting. You met someone, you went out for a coffee/soda/beer/ice-cream (we all scream for ice cream), and spent together a couple of hours having a good time, you feel an attraction towards him/her, in other words you feel that tingle. What do you do? You give in to the impulse and try to go further or you politely say good night and goodbye?

And here comes the part that depends on your education, experience, misconceptions and especially for the ladies, the image self-awareness: What will he think of me if I give in on the first date? Will he still respect me? What all he wants is a one night stand?

I think you already realized that this post is addressed especially to the women. Ladies, if you are asking yourself this question, you better be honest with yourself firstly. You don’t have to worry about what the guy thinks; will do, that you won’t be able to control, the right question is this one: Do I like him enough in order to give myself to him? Do I want to do this? All your worries and fears can come true even in the few days, weeks or months that you postpone the “after date party”.

A lot of women think that by making the guy wait they will see if he wants only to sleep with them or more than that. You are so wrong my dears! The man you are worried about, the hunter- conqueror that leaves a trail of post coitus victims behind him, that guy can wait forever if he wants to have you and then leave you. He will say to you everything you want to hear until he gets “the prize”. And then? You lost those days/weeks/months only to realize something you could have found out in the first hours of the first date…

I know, most of you will say I’m playing the devil’s advocate. Still, if you look from outside the box, it’s better this way.

Another reason for not delaying the thing is sexual compatibility. Even if only few of you will admit it, sex plays a major role in a couple’s life. Yes, sex flies out from the picture after let’s say, you’re 60-70, but I’m not writing for retired folks let’s be clear on that ok? :)

In conclusion, if you want to and you like it, why beat around the bush? Why so formal? Why waste time when you can almost instantly find out if he/she suits you? I know, for most of you this sounds like instigating to debauchery but I don’t see a lack of morality in checking one of the most important compatibilities right away. We live in the era of speed, life passes by ten times faster than decades of years ago, so we can’t afford to maintain concepts and rules that don’t apply to the present anymore and aren’t practical, especially if they’re not practical.

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1st February 2014

About ET aka Aliens

Almost every time I look at the stars I wonder what is out there, light years away.

ET exists or not? It’s one of the most persistent questions of man. Just like there are two camps, of believers and non-believers, there are two responses.

What says one and what claims the other?

The naysayers believe them self’s alone in space, galaxy, the masters of the universe. The supporters see everywhere little green men and flying saucers, the fanatics of course.

I had read some years ago in a book about a calculation regarding the planets in the universe. Approximately 1,000 planets are similar to the one we breathe on, so there are 1000 possible sources for an ET life. You must be terribly arrogant and limited to think that you are alone in the universe.

What proofs do the non-believers got? Just one and overwhelming, they think: We haven’t met, touched, talked, drank a beer with ET yet. In other words, “didn’t saw him, he doesn’t exist”, pictures or it didn’t happened. Still, there are a lot of things that we didn’t saw, or we cannot see with our eyes and their existence has been demonstrated. The air and the magnetic fields are just two plain examples. Let’s not forget that a couple of hundred years ago they were claiming high and mighty that the sun revolves around our planet or that the earth is flat.

On the other side? Countless proofs, meaning witnesses, about UFO’s in different shapes and colors, not to mention abduction of people that claim to have been on the probing table of an unearthly being. And it’s not just that, they also have different mentioning’s of mysterious presences on our sky’s along hundreds of years. On top of that, even in the bible we can find descriptions (as the people of that time were able to) of some flying devices. There are too many questions marks, you cannot ignore them. How about the famous Nazca lines that stretch for miles and can be seen only from high above just as they were meant for something? There is to add the many mysteries about the source of the knowledge ancient civilizations had, some cave drawings that resemble dead on with UFO’s, stone carvings that look a lot like a rocket and it’s pilot (Sun temple from Palenque, see picture below) and many, many other examples that make you (if your mind helps and you’re not retarded) ask yourself if there is something out there, beyond the stars.

I believe there is, only they don’t want to come among us, we are to undeveloped, not technologically, just as heart and soul.

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31st January 2014

Same shit, different year.

Yeah, it’s 2014 now. A new year, another brick on the wall, another step towards the…Towards what? I really don’t have an efing clue. All I know is that the big time wheel has made another turn and I am still in the same place as I was the last year.

You can say we’re going steady, me and the place I’m in. if you want to be ironic that is, but I advise you not to try that because I’ll knock you the fuck up.

What I am talking about? I mean nothing new has happened to me in the year that has passed. Nothing interesting, life changing, or at least worth talking about.
Talking to you, my dear reader that is, where ever you may be.

So this year I decided to make things interesting, I will write in English just because my muscle wants to. So the post will be international. Not that that will change much, just that in this way I will extend my reach to all the people out there. Of course, in my horse, all the people that read and speak the queen’s’ beloved language.

First things first, I will translate some of my “greatest hits” and we’ll see from there were the tide takes us.

So let’s get it on!

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